Audio Compact Disc – CD system in car

With the invention of CD, tapes vanished overnight from the market. CD gained popularity due to its customization.

CDs were invented in the early 1970’s. But due to lot of doubts over the same, they were introduced only in 1980’s. Pioneer introduced the first car CD player in 1984.

Car Audio-CD system was a milestone in the car music systems. It gave the drivers freedom from constant rewinding and fast forwarding options of the tape. Switching to a particular track became very quick and easy.

By this time, Lastest version autoradio gps bluetooth music systems were revolutionized and were tailor made to fit in a place. High end speakers, woofers and sub woofers were introduced to give the best audio experience.

CD changers made it even more popular. They could switch up to 10 CDs. Many companies started to roll out cars with in-built system. This made the life much easier without having to worry about fixing the device.

Till early millennium CD players enjoyed their high esteem. The development of MP3 players, iPod, and Bluetooth technology changed their fates forever.