Crazy Handbags Unique in their own way

The first thing women notice about other women besides their clothes is their handbag. Women believe in making a style statement with the kind of handbag they carry for any occasion. Repetition is severely looked down upon by their peers and no woman will risk that.

Gone are the days when bags were chosen to last forever and the same bag was used virtually for all occasions. The fashion conscious are always on the lookout for unique handbags to stand out in a crowd. In an ever increasing fashion conscious society handbag makers are vying with each other to manufacture the best and the most exclusive pieces that one can hope to own.
Here are some of the craziest handbags ever made, unique in their own way, available to buy on

Judith Leiber Cake Purse- A purse which shines and shines and is fashioned to look like a three tiered cake might not be your choice of handbag – can’t imagine walking around carrying a cake!

Chanel Hula Hoop Bag – A really big hula hoop shaped bag which was first showcased in the Chanel 2013 catwalk, a bag suited only for the fashion shows and not convenient for anything else.

Chanel Ankle Purse – For those who want their hands free they can try this ankle purse which is worn around the ankle almost like an anklet.

Chanel Chain Basket – One more crazy idea from Chanel that was showcase in 2014 fashion show with no takers was a handbag which has been designed to look like a supermarket trolley.

Judith Leiber Hot Fudge Ice Cream Sundae Minaudiere – A bag made to look like a sundae; any takers?

Choose a handbag wisely; let your bag be stylish and utilitarian as well. No harm in it. Unique doesn’t always have to mean something that doesn’t look like anything else out there. That being said, if you don’t mind carrying a three tier cake on your shoulder, then by all means please do.